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The Government of Maharashtra through Government of India has applied for a loan from the International Development Association for implementation of Maharashtra Agricultural Competitiveness Project (MACP). The Project Development objective of the MACP is to increase the productivity, profitability and market access of the farming community in Maharashtra. This would be achieved by providing farmers with technical knowledge, market intelligence and market networks to support diversification and intensification of agriculture production aimed at responding to market demand. Farmers will also be assisted in establishing farmer organizations, developing alternative market channels outside of the regulated markets and in supporting the modernization of promising traditional wholesale markets. The project has three main components: (i) Intensification and Diversification of Market led Production, (ii) Improving Farmers Access to Markets, and, (iii) Project Management, Learning & Adjusting.
  • Intensification and diversification of market led production: by providing market led agriculture technology transfer to improve productivity and quality production and market information and marketing intelligence, agribusiness opportunities through agribusiness development facility and livestock improvement through livestock support services.
  • Improving Farmer access to Markets: by promoting alternative marketing systems involving farmers in the formation of producer groups, their associations, developing Farmers Common Service Centre (FCSC), introducing E-Marketing platform with the help of commodity exchanges, by producing warehouse receipt financing to overcome price risk and to provide moderate improvement in Rural Haats, besides modernization of selected APMCs and Livestock Markets.
  • Project Management, Learning & Adjusting: would help to ensure effective project management at the state and district levels, and support information and logistics, communications, project related consultancies and monitoring and evaluation.
The objectives of the Maharashtra Agricultural Competitiveness Project (MACP) are to develop more competitive marketing systems, improve market access for farmers, increase private sector participation in agriculture and allied sectors, improve competitiveness of farmers by capacity building measures, establish and strengthen backward and forward linkages.

MACP aims at creating of knowledge base to be used by the farmers along with the dissemination of market information and market intelligence. It is proposed to create new alternative channels for marketing of agriculture produce like formation of Common Service Centers, Rural Haat development, establishing e-trading platforms and linkage with spot exchange. Besides this with the help of additional knowledge, the farmer would sell his agricultural produce in the existing markets as well as in the proposed alternative markets. Therefore the existing markets viz. Agriculture Produce Market Committees (APMCs) are proposed to be modernized for this purpose.